Mental Health News Roundup

With Ethan Eisen and Dovid Friedman

Links from April 30, 2020

Unique approach to helping loneliness in older adults.

Home-schooling stress and back to school rules.

Links from May 7, 2020

Conversation with Dr. Abby Bienenfeld, expert in emergency medicine

Israeli hospitals are at the cutting edge of addressing some patient concerns.

Concern that people are staying away from hospitals for non-coronavirus emergencies.

Families of medical staff making sacrifices.

What doctors think when the public violates guidelines

Medical professionals feeling the pressure

Links from May 14, 2020

Tough economic data for USA and Israel.

Just because the government says you can reopen, that doesn’t mean everyone will participate.

Pandemics are also driven by psychological or social factors.

Cognitive “attribution styles” can affect depression for people who are unemployed.

Even Prince Harry is feeling the effects of not working.

Some positive coping skills can be helpful for people facing unemployment.

Negative coping skills, like substance use, is also a challenge for some people.

Speaking with kids about unemployment

Links from May 21, 2020

Conversation with Avital Levin, Director of Education at Shalom Task Force

Dating is very different in these times, but some are being very innovative.

Coronavirus effects causing strain in relationships at home.

Newlyweds are finding that their experiences are very different than they expected, for better or worse.

People in abusive relationships may be having a particularly difficult time during coronavirus.