Professional Training

As a teacher, rabbi, or other professional, you have a close-up view of your student’s or community-member’s strengths and challenges.  Sometimes, you may feel that you need training or better understanding of certain issues to best meet the needs of your students or community.  As part of my professional training, I provide focused, specially-tailored classes or workshops to help address your specific needs.

Common questions may include:

  • How can we tell if a student needs psychotherapy?
  • What can we do about bullying in our school?
  • How can I help my students or community deal with loss or trauma?
  • What does addiction look like, and what I can I do to prevent it or help someone dealing with addiction?
  • How do we help kids handle the digital world more effectively?
  • How can I identify domestic abuse, and what can I do to help someone in an abusive relationship?
  • How do we handle a mental-health crisis?

Please contact me to find out more about the professional training I can offer.